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melbourne woman saved by 3 pack of negronis

The humble Negroni cocktail saved me (on so many levels!) during the pandemic.

During one of Melbourne’s many lockdowns in 2020, in an effort to stave off cabin fever, I kept myself entertained by creating Negroni Gift Packs for my friends and family.

Not only were they fun to make but they were even more fun to deliver! I’d drive around delivering the goodies, chatting to friends in their respective driveways all the while maintaining social distancing and ensuring I was home before curfew.

As much as I enjoyed the creativity of making the gift packs, the real joy was seeing my friends’ faces when they looked inside their Negroni Showbags.

Soon after, friends and family started ordering them for their friends and family and what started as a creative outlet quickly evolved into a budding business and ultimately developed into SWYZL as we know and love it today.

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