How To: Make a citrus curl

How To: Make a citrus curl

Garnishing your cocktails takes them to the next level.

Citrus curls add visual appeal and a professional look and the best thing is that they are super easy to make.

Step 1: Cut a piece of citrus skin diagonally from your fruit.

This will give you the maximum length. Ensure you don't cut too deep into the fruit as you don't want any of the white pith on the back of your strip of peel. The white pith is bitter and can affect the taste of your cocktail.

Step 2: Trim it into shape.

Cut your strip of peel into a parallelogram as shown below.

Step 3: Cut a slit down the centre.

Cut a slit down the centre of your parallelogram leaving 1cm at each end uncut. This will help it sit on the side of your glass. You can skip this step if you just want to lay your peel over the edge of the glass or if you want to throw your peel into your glass.

Step 4: Curl your strip of peel.

Curl your parallelogram around your finger or a chopstick to give it the desired amount of curl.

Orange peel wrapped around a chopstick to curl

Step 5: Add the finishing touch to your cocktail.

Position your peel on the side of your glass by allowing the edge of your glass to slide through the slit you made down the centre.

3 Cocktails with citrus curl garnish

What Type Of Cocktails Work Best With Citrus Curls?

Use this technique for a quick, easy and impressive garnish for the following cocktails and any other drinks that contain citrus as an ingredient:

What Type Of Citrus Work Best For Citrus Curls?

Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Grapefruits and Blood Oranges work best for citrus curls.

How Do I Store Citrus Curls?

Store ready prepared citrus curls in an airtight plastic container in the fridge. Add a piece of damp kitchen towel to the base of the container to stop the curl drying out.

Santé! Cheers! Enjoy!

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